Vastu Shastra

This is arrived from Sthapatya Veda, and it is an art of living harmony with the structure incorporating the combination of Natural Elements (the hidden forces of earth).

The main ingredients. Vastu Shastra teaches that the Earth is a living organism that exists in the right way thanks to 5 key elements - air, space, fire, water and earth. Man needs to adjust to these elements.

Plainly stated, space allows the other 4 elements room to flourish. Air is responsible for air pressure and currents, as well as humidity levels.

Water directs the seas, rivers and rain.

Fire is the element which symbolizes the transition between night and day, energy and vitality.

The earth element is responsible for the changing of the seasons and the magnetic field. Whenever a person organizes their space, they need to arrange it in a way while keeping in mind the five elements of Vastu Shastra.

In fact the Old Palaces (most heritage buildings) like Mysore Palace, Jaipur Palace, Udaipur Palace, The Lok Sabah, Falaknuma Palace, The railway Offices quarters, The Army Barracks Rashtrapathi Nilayam, Mosques, Churches were built in perfect rectangle grids.

After the advent of Modern Architecture with R.C.C construction, the Latest town planning with Zigzag roads and with latest designs these principles have been kept aside there by dwellers of these locations are facing troubles of litigations ,arson, looting, bribery, corruption, manhandling for simple reasons ,suicide, divorce and other unrest in the countries.

Vastu Shastra helps us to make our life better and will secure from things going wrong in certain extent.